Rattenberg in Christmas splendor

The oldest city in Tyrol celebrates Advent & Christmas

The mediaeval town Rattenberg shows its most beautiful side, when in the Advent season all lights are lit. On the four Saturdays of Advent, the medieval town of Rattenberg shines in the glow of stars, candles, torches and open fire. Here Advent is celebrated in front of the historical scenery of the city, which not only ignites a large glow in children’s eyes. There are no stalls as in the classic Christmas markets but all shops have opened in the old town. Particularly recommended is the visit of the glass shops, because Rattenberg is very well known for it’s production of glass beyond the borders of Austria.

Arrival by car from Camping Seeblick Toni: approx. 10 minutes. Tel. (+43) 5337 21200.

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