Flora and fauna from alpine habitats

Visiting the unique Alpinezoo Innsbruck

He is the highest zoo in Europe (750 m), and the only zoo in the world to devote itself specifically to this topic and offers a terrific experience for the whole family. The Alpinezoo in Innsbruck is also home to over 2,000 animals (150 species) in their natural environment. No other zoo shows such a complete collection of the residents of the european alps. The journey through the Alpinezoo is designed equally exciting for children and parents. A special attraction is the Ibex enclosure which is designed as a rocky landscape. Visitors may walk through it - no fences, no barrier to the animals.

Arrival by car from Camping Seeblick Toni: approx. 45 minutes. Tel. (+43) 512 2923 23.

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